Roylco Industrial

“Chari was a lifesaver to our company.  We needed to implement ISO and had no idea what we were doing.  Charli not only helped us to get our certification but helped us to grasp the benefits of running our company based on ISO standard principles.  Charli has a wonderful blend of being professional, personable, and patient.  Due to Charli’s guidance, we have passed several external audits with flying colors.  Consider yourself fortunate if you are able to secure Charli’s help!”

Steve Hunter
Operations Manager
Roylco, Inc.

Cable Quest

“Often, when a product or service returns value and exceeds expectations we tell others. I don’t recall hearing anyone offer referrals on business audit services. Charli Hoialmen is a first for me. Her energy, consistency and quality are superior qualities that separate her from the pack. She performed so well on our behalf with assisting us in achieving ISO Certification that I am compelled to recommend her. In fact, I have shared her contact information multiple times within my business network. I am happy that those referrals that turned into her customers all tell me how satisfied they are that she is their consultant, too.”

Clint Emerson
Cable Quest

Darby Metalworks

“Our management team entered the process of becoming ISO 9001:2015 with a great deal of skepticism. For years we had heard the rumors of all the work that was involved in starting an ISO program and how heavily it concentrated on calibration and quality. We felt our quality record was or exceeded industry standards. Then our largest customer gave us an ultimatum to either become certified or lose out on future long-term contracts. I reached out to SCMEP who, over the years, had offered assistance if we ever decided to become certified. When I reached out to them, they imediately recommended Charli with Diversified Management Systems. It was one of the best decisions I have made for our company and I’m glad I waited until the new standard took effect. The new standard is a total Business Management System. From start to finish and I mean everything. It makes a business owner step back from the daily chaos of the normal operations and look at every process in the business. Yes, we did have to meet all the requirements of the standard but with Charli’s help, we wrote our manual and processes to fit the way we want to run our business. We did have to implement some changes, but every change has been for the better. With Charli’s help and guidance, we wrote our processes in such a way that our system is not cumbersome or overwhelming. Besides the increase in profitability, the biggest benefit I have seen, is the ownership of our system by our employees. I no longer must remind people what their job duties are. It is clearly stated, and they are accountable to meeting their part of the company’s objectives. Charli forewarned me it could be a total cultural change and she was 100% correct. All for the better. I cannot say enough good things about Charli as a mentor and auditor. She is tough but at the same time guides you in the right direction to meet the system requirements. If a business owner is considering becoming ISO certified, I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Charli and her company.”

Steve Darby
Darby Metalworks, Inc.


In 2019 Diversified Management Systems, Inc. was asked to conduct an AS9100/RC14001 internal auditing class for an organization in South Carolina.

The class was conducted as planned and we worked with the trainees to conduct an audit to give hands on practice. A few days later, the Management Representative for the RC14001 System wrote:

“I have been doing this for a while and worked with some really good folks in some world leading organizations. However, I need to tell you that your skills in teaching this class surpassed those demonstrated by anyone I have ever worked with. Thank you for the energy and knowledge you imparted to each of the participants. You made a difference.

David Rubin
Health, Safety & Environmental Manager

Kelly Engineering

In 2018, Diversified Management Systems we asked to help a young, growing engineering company achieve certification to AS9100. As a start-up, they were so busy producing and growing, that they did not have a lot of time to develop procedures. We were able to review their processes and help them put in place procedures that worked for them and assisted with their growth. They achieved certification in 2019.

“Charli was awesome and set us up to succeed. I would highly recommend her to anybody. The third party auditor mentioned several times how well thought out several processes were and how good our system has been developed. He said most companies were not as far along as we were at this point. That was Charli that got us there.”

Matt Kelley, PE
Kelley Engineering

Palmetto Plating

In 2012, I met John Cutchin at a conference for Metal Finishers in South Carolina. I was doing a presentation on implementing ISO 9001 as a business strategy. At the time, John’s company, Palmetto Plating, was certified.

We helped John and his crew reduce his documented system from a 4in binder to a 1 inch binder and created a system that was easier to understand and follow and more effective. We have since helped Palmetto Plating Company achieve certification to AS9100 and ISO 14001.

“At the time of her presentation, Palmetto Plating Co. was ISO 9001 registered, but the system was at best cumbersome and not all effective. I would not hesitate to recommend Charli and her organization to anyone that is interested in improving their quality and management systems.”

John Cutchin
Palmetto Plating Company, Inc.