What is the frequency to perform an ISO 9001 internal audit?

The ISO 9001 (QMS) standard requires organizations to conduct internal audits at planned intervals to ensure conformity and effectiveness.

While the ISO 9001 standard doesn’t require a specific frequency, they should be performed at planned intervals appropriate for the organization’s size, complexity, and identified risks. The timing and frequency of the audits should be defined in the organization’s internal audit procedure or quality manual, based on a risk assessment.

Some organizations might perform internal audits quarterly, while others may choose to do them semi-annually or annually. It often depends on the previous audit findings, changes to processes, or concerns raised by customers or management.

The audit plan should be more frequent for areas with higher risk or previous non-conformities.  Likewise less frequent audits are needed for areas showing consistent conformity and effectiveness.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, and the frequency of internal audits under ISO 9001 should be based on a thoughtful evaluation of the organization’s unique context, risks, and needs. Consulting with a quality management professional or auditor who understands the specifics of your organization can help in determining an appropriate schedule.

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